Ethan Billings Art

Day 6: Portrait Day!

My nephew Noah always makes this face at me. It took him at least 25 minutes to figure out how to put the button up shirt on. I’d say hw fits the role perfectly. (The original photo is of Al Gore, George Bush, and Dick Cheney, taken by Diana Walker right after the election)

Note to my Future Self

Usually I think prompts like this are pointless, but after having read an article on the benefits of writing out ideas, and considering the significance of the point in my life that I’m at, this prompt seemed worth the time. Because of how personal this exercise is, I’d rather not share the letter itself.

Window Art

Just like most of the things in my backyard, I have no idea what this window is for, or why it’s just sitting out there, and I figure it must have been there for at least the past 137 years. All this junk has fascinated me ever since I was a little kid exploring through …

Exquisite CoLab

An exquisite corpse drawing I did with Ellie Johnson. Truly I’d say that this is a masterpiece

Frame by Frame

Drawing inspiration from my surroundings, here’s an animation of my dog biting me

Home Field Guide

For this assignment I made a field guide to some of the stuff I have sitting desk. Because what influences what I create more than what’s sitting right in front of me?

Installation Critique

In Ellie’s installation, the first thing I notice are the calm blues painted in water color. The overall piece is relaxing and creates a sense of peacefulness, having warm colors rise up into the blue. There is also a sense of movement in the highly stylized tree branch growing out over the rest of the …

Performance Proposal

For our performance we are going through each of our stories. The space is already set up with a wide area for the audience to watch with the trees circling around the stage. Ellie and Floyd will both be acting out as the characters in the comics they created. The rest of us will be …

Story of the Space

For our zines we created a series of short stories based on the characters in our space. The cover page is an image of Gertrude the house who is the focal point of our space. Each of the stories are very unique in narrative and style, but the use of the space successfully ties them …

Daily Practice

Week Two One thing about my daily practice, is that a lot of the time when I walk by Harder, there is something semi-interesting going on there. For a while an art installation was up, in which pictures were suspended from the canopy over the walkway by fishing line. The pictures consisted of people holding …

Daily Practice

For my daily practice, I take a picture on the opposite side of Harder as I walk down the sidewalk. I choose this as a way to appreciate the beautiful nature that is interwoven on campus.

Individual Manifesto

The intention of my efforts and my beliefs as an artist: create work that helps myself and the viewer consider how to see and experience the world differently. To make something that brings people joy I look to the past for inspiration, to build upon what other artists have done before me, to continue building …

Personal Territory Tour

I left brick and started to explore the campus to find my personal territory space. I walked the pathways at the heart of campus where King Alfred is. I eventually came to outside Powell, typically a hub of interest and excitement, but now is completely barren. I took in the space around me, breathing and …

Mapping Walks:

A Stroll Around Campus Jake Wilson, Floyd Kessler, Kayle Hatfeild, Sean Laukaitis, Ana Ion, Nevaeh Darden It was uncomfortable to combine all the maps into one because everyone went different places and the roads where getting confused with each persons route. During the process of making the map everyone communicated and colabarated to create one …

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